Scope of Work:

Marcus Boyd Photography, (known here after as “Designer” will work diligently and efficiently on the agreed upon Photobook(s). The client acknowledges the completion time is affected by client’s ability to provide photos and journaling to their Designer in a timely manner. If Client’s photos exceed the number of pages for their selected Photobook, Client will have the option to upgrade to the next Photobook size, or Client and Designer will determine which photos to include and which to eliminate. 


Stories and details are essential to create a meaningful Photobook. Client’s Photobook package allows time for Designer to obtain journaling through two methods:

1) Client completes Checklist tailored for their Photobook

2) The Designer schedules regular phone calls and the Client is interviewed to obtain journaling details.


Client may upgrade their Photobook anytime throughout the process by contacting their Designer and making the additional down payment. If Client selects a page-size and when project is completed did not use all the pages, price adjustment will be made.


Review process:

Current Year Photobooks will have a review session once per quarter when Client notifies the Designer of any changes and approves the work. A sign-off form is then signed by Client and Designer at each session.

All other Photobooks will have three review sessions (or more frequently if needed) before the Photobook is completed. The Client notifies the Designer of any changes and approves the work. A Sign-off form is then signed by the Client and Designer at each session.



We respect your privacy. All information received from you is confidential. (Google privacy policy language and expand this provision as broadly as we can). Your name and financial information are not stored and are only used for this purchase.


Designer will be working with digital copies of Client photos. For their own protection, Client will retain the same photos on a personal device or backup system. For an additional cost, we recommend a cloud storage option that will guarantee Client’s pictures to be preserved forever. Designer will share specific details.


Designer Discretion:

Designer reserves the right to decline working with any photos of an indiscreet or offensive nature. If any content could irreparably harm the reputation of the company, the Designer can refuse to work with such content.


Work timeline:

Designer will begin work on Photobook when pictures have been transferred to the Designer. Both Client and Designer will determine deadlines. The Designer will send a confirmation email with confirmed deadlines. Clients will receive an email with all confirmed deadlines.

 Additional Services:

Services such as photo organization, detailed photo selection, creating additional photo gifts, *scanning, conversion, etc. can be added anytime at an additional hourly rate. *Digital Scanning and conversion are priced with a flat fee. Designer and Client will discuss options.



We require receipt of 50% down payment on Client’s Photobook. Client will receive a receipt of down payment. Final Payment is due when Client signs off and issues final approval. on the completed Photobook during the final Review session. This final review and sign-off triggers the printing of the completed Photobook. If final payment is not received, the Photobook will not be sent to Client.

Once client has given final approval the Photobook is ready for printing. Final payment is now due. If final payment is not received, the book will not be printed.

Cancellation Policy:

Down payments are non-refundable unless cancelled within 72 hours of payment received. Absolutely no refunds beyond the 72-hour period. Once final payment is made and the book has been printed, no cancellations can be made for any reason.



We look forward to collaborating with you. However, if you decide to end this Agreement prior to the completion of services, a ten (10) day written notice must be provided. Client down payment will be retained for compensation of work.


Let Us Shake Hands

This Agreement fully documents the Parties’ entire understanding of the services to be performed. If you agree to the terms of this Agreement, please click YES in the shopping cart. This Agreement will become effective on today’s date.


Intellectual Copyright

The client owns the copyright, but we reserve a limited license to use images of the completed book for our website for marketing purposes. Client may request to be exempt.


All photos are unique to the clients, and they have the license to use them. No materials provided violates any proprietary information. If any such lawsuit would occur based on allegations of a violation of these rights, the Client indemnifies the company from all liabilities, claims and expenses including attorney fees that arise from such violation.



Notices required under this agreement should be sent to 6285 67th Court, Riverdale, MD 20737-1731

Limitation on liability

The client’s exclusive remedy and company liability shall be limited to the amount client paid for services.

Termination of use

You agree that we may in our sole discretion suspend your access to part of the site for any reason. Any expected fraudulent or abusive activity may be grounds for terminating the relationship.

Governing laws

These terms and conditions are governed by the state of Colorado.

Right to change

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without notice and that continued use of our site will constitute acknowledgement of modified terms and conditions.


Temporary interruption of service may occur from time to time. Such delays cannot be avoided, and the Designer is not liable for damages.

Third Parties

We are not liable for any third parties. We are not responsible for the content of any third-party site. The inclusion of a link is provided merely as a convenience and does not provide an endorsement or association of any kind. Or it does not provide a warranty of any kind whether expressed or implied.

Description of services:

We create Photobooks that include pictures, stories and/or scanned memorabilia. We take Client’s transferred photos and place them in a Photobook.